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I Love a Good Dump

By Estela Dosil

Yes, I love a good dump. Let it rain cats and dogs, let it pour, because I like it.

Most people look at me as if I am crazy, with quizzical eyes as if asking: "Don't you just love the sun?" What do you mean, sunspots? "I can't believe it, what about the heat?" I don't like glowing foreheads! "Haven't you heard of SAD?" And yes, I have. 

I know this because I live in Vancouver, where more often than not it RAINS.
I have also researched the subject because I live in Vancouver with two mild cases of SAD: my husband and my daughter, and it hasn't been easy. I have had to hide my love for the dark rainy months. I have to keep my mouth shut not to offend them many, many times. And that hasn't been easy.

About SAD: I know that prolonged bouts of rain, dark grey skies, and long dark cold months could help develop this disorder. SAD can cause depression, lack of appetite or over appetite, interestingly both extremes, low libido, fatigue, anxiety and even withdrawal from society. As the 'winter blues' it was mentioned as far back as the 6th century in Scandinavia where about 20% of the population suffers from SAD today. It was in 1984 that Dr. Rosenthal moved from South Africa to Connecticut and noticed the change in his general mood and decided to centre his research on what he named SAD. 

But today I have an opportunity to tell you all about the advantages of rain. I know that in the next 5 minutes you will cross over to my side, to the dark, wet side. It is so obvious.

Entire societies around the world dance to encourage the rain, sure, they worship the sun, but they pray for rain I don't mind taking some credit myself for many a puddle, but sometimes if I am careless I take a wrong step. You saw what happened this past week.

In case you are wondering about the two SAD cases in my family: Paula is in Buenos Aires married and glowing. On the other hand, Roberto is still here, dreaming of warm sand under and between his toes, Panama hats to fan the sweat off his brow and an ice cream parlour somewhere near the Equator with his name on it.

And last but not least, I hope that now you can say with conviction "I love a good dump".

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