Burrard Toastmasters
Vancouver's leading business-oriented public speaking club
Club Speeches

Club Executive

Ken Bell, Club President
Ken has been with Burrard Toastmasters since 1986. Throughout various clubs, he has held every executive role multiple times. This is his third term as President of Burrard. Originally a very shy person, he credits his modest success in life to speaking abilities he developed at Burrard.

Ken is committed to a safe and fun public speaking environment, with rapid progress through the educational materials, harmony, and inclusion. Partly due to his gentle guidance, over one thousand Burrard alumni now occupy positions of influence worldwide.

The Club President leads the club, inspires members, and chairs meetings.

Gerrie Wagner, VP Education
Gerrie has been a member of Burrard Toastmasters, on and off, since 2011. She has accomplished her ALB and her CC in the past and now is working on her Strategic Relationship pathway. She is also a two time winner of the Humorous Speech contest, and one time winner of the International Speech contest.

Inspired by Burrard Toastmasters, Gerrie started the Vancouver Mandarin Learners Toastmasters club in 2013. It has attracted Mandarin as an additional language speakers from all over the world to join.

For two years, Gerrie was involved with Toastmasters International Headquarters as one of the language reviewers. She worked with a team of multilingual Toastmasters all over the world to provide materials in multiple languages. If you use Simplified Chinese version of the Toastmasters manuals, you must have read Gerrie's work.

The VP Education plans weekly meetings and encourages members to work on their Toastmasters manuals.

Magda Bukala, VP Membership

The VP Membership builds membership and handles membership applications.

Jawad Aarji, VP Public Relations
Jawad joined Burrard Toastmasters in September 2019, and since then, Jawad has hit a major milestone in his personal and professional development career.

As VP Public Relations, Jawad is committed to bringing Burrard to the next level when it comes to abiding to its mission statement "Vancouver's leading public-speaking and business-oriented club". Not limited to pro-active promotion but also inbound sign-ups, Jawad will work hand in hand with the VP Membership to make sure we maximize our guests' experiences and to retain as many of the current members.

Jawad would like to continue on the success of the Club and to bring an unmatched experience to the Executive committee during the first half of the year and onwards!

The VP Public Relations publicizes the club and handles email and phone inquiries.

Nam Phan, Treasurer
In the fall of 2000, Nam attended his first Burrard Toastmasters meeting as a guest, not knowing what to expect. Two hours later, he left the meeting a changed person. He had spent the last 2 hours laughing, learning, and being inspired by the speakers' stories, courage, and desire to improve.

One month later, Nam joined Burrard and has not looked back. As club member, he has served a variety of Club Officer roles, maintained the club website, and achieved his ACB designation. Nam looks at each meeting as an opportunity to learn from others and improve himself.

In his free time, Nam enjoys drawing, listening to podcasts, studying the stock market, and exploring the numerous events and festivals in Vancouver. Currently, he has a healthy obsession with The Walking Dead.

The Treasurer prepares a budget, collects dues, pays bills, and keeps records for audit.

Catherine Lum, Secretary

The Secretary maintains supplies and takes minutes at Executive meetings.

Tanan Kesornbua, Sergeant-At-Arms

The Sergeant-at-Arm sets up the room before a meeting, cleans up the room after the meeting, and brings meetings to order.

Jeff Bayntun, Past President
Jeff has been a member of Burrard Toastmasters since August 2018. After the first meetings as a guest, the great group of regulars at Burrard convinced him this was the best club to hone his public speaking skills. Jeff found himself speaking in front of groups more and more often at work, so started to look for a Toastmasters club to focus on improving his public speaking skills.

Jeff enjoys learning about other cultures, particularly through food and travel. He enjoys the outdoors and tries to go hiking with his wife whenever they get the chance.

The Past President provides guidance and ensures the club is run smoothly.