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Toastmasters Poem

By Malcolm Parker

The Toastmasters Program is for you, you, and you,

The words you use are yours,

And yours is the mind that cares what you want to communicate,

The Grammarian checks our grammar, and finds meaningful phrases galore,

The Ah-Counter checks our Ahs and Ums, for us not to use them any more,

Invocation gives us a chance to share what we care,

When Table Topics comes to mind, it brings unfettered thoughts and experiences to our lips,

In speeches the mind dances with the brain in the spontaneity of preparation, rehearsal and delivery.

Evaluation triggers the best in mentoring, for our fellow members,

Introductions, are where we inspire our speakers,

While the Chair, Table Topics Master, and Toastmaster give us inspiration and leadership, enabling us to display our individual creativity,

Which in turn produces a fabulous meeting, shared by all.

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