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Agenda for February 21, 2018
Pub Night
Greeter Evangeline Ilumin
Sergeant At Arms Ralph Fraatz
Chair Amy Liu
Timer Mary-Jane Alexander
Invocation Available
Wit Scott Rees
Introduction Table Topics Master Andrew Code
Table Topics Master Ralph Fraatz
Table Topics Evaluator/Award Nicole Franco

Introduction Toastmaster Amy Liu
Toastmaster Patricia Dickens
Speaker 1 James Haddad Speech # 
Speaker 2 Available Speech # 
Speaker 3 Available Speech # 
Speaker 4 Not Available Speech # 
Backup Speaker 1 Available Speech # 
Backup Speaker 2 Available Speech # 
Backup Speaker 3 Available Speech # 
Evaluator 1 Nicole Franco
Evaluator 2 Nancy Tania
Evaluator 3 Available
Evaluator 4 Not Available
Grammarian & Word of the Day Silvia Musholt
Ah-Counter Keiko Patterson
General Evaluator/Award Mohammad Samadanian
Regrets Megan McAllister, Nam Phan, Tim Wong, Heidi Nucklaus, Jason Foth, Anthony Hillairet, Ken Bell, Mellissa Tan