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Agenda for February 14, 2018
Club Executive Meeting - Pathways in 1st half
Greeter Mary-Jane Alexander
Sergeant At Arms Ralph Fraatz
Chair Amy Liu
Timer Yana Bobrysheva
Invocation Not Available
Wit Not Available
Introduction Table Topics Master Not Available
Table Topics Master Not Available
Table Topics Evaluator/Award Not Available

Introduction Toastmaster Nam Phan
Toastmaster Mellissa Tan
Speaker 1 Patricia Dickens Speech # CC#2 Organize your speech
Speaker 2 Available Speech # 
Speaker 3 Shawn (Shengyuan) Wu Speech # 
Speaker 4 Not Available Speech # 
Backup Speaker 1 Available Speech # 
Backup Speaker 2 Available Speech # 
Backup Speaker 3 Available Speech # 
Evaluator 1 Yana Bobrysheva
Evaluator 2 James Haddad
Evaluator 3 Available
Evaluator 4 Not Available
Grammarian & Word of the Day Anthony Hillairet
Ah-Counter Mohammad Samadanian
General Evaluator/Award Nam Phan
Regrets Nicole Franco, Christopher Mark, Tim Wong, Ken Bell, Megan McAllister, Drew Bondar, Jason Foth